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Car Rental Terms & Conditions

Rental conditions

1.Age and driving license

The car can be rented to persons who have a national or international driving license, with a minimum age of 21 years. For people up to 25 years old, who qualify for the requested car category, the young driver tax of 5 EURO + VAT / day will be applied (maximum 10 days charged).

Renters, as well as additional drivers, must have a driver’s license for at least 12 months. If the driving license of the lessee or the additional driver is not written in Latin characters, an international driving license is required.

A copy of the driving license, driving license or expired driving license is not accepted.

Usually, the vehicle for rent is insured only for the person who rents it. If other persons intend to drive the car, they must be present at the time of rental, to be added to the Rental Agreement, with the obligation to present a driving license held for at least one year. Any additional driver must meet the minimum age requirements.

2. Rental

The car is rented in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement.

The persons who rent vehicles are asked to read carefully the Contract and to confirm its acceptance, by signing the respective document, at the headquarters of Hotel Simfonia, Str. George Enescu, Rm. Valcea, jud. Valcea, Romania.

Hotel Simfonia reserves the right to refuse the rental, without explanation.

3. Payment method

The main driver must have a valid credit card. Credit card details will be picked up at the time of rental or can be added at the time of booking, to speed up the rental process.

An amount must be available in the credit card account presented for rent, to cover the estimated cost of the rental as well as other taxes / costs that may apply (eg, insurance deductible, additional services, etc.).

Credit / debit cards are accepted for payment: American Express, MasterCard / Eurocard, Visa and Diners Club or cash payment at the time of rental.

Regardless of the means of payment used, Hotel Simfonia reserves the right to perform any necessary checks and to approve or refuse the rental.

4. Warranty

When drawing up the rental contract, a material guarantee is charged between 200 and 300 EURO, depending on the type and class of the car. The material guarantee is refunded at the time of delivery of the car by the customer. Cash, card or bank account payment is accepted.

5. Documents required for rent

a) for a legal person:

– Copy of the Registration Certificate (C.U.I.);

– Order for rent from the company, stamped and signed;

– The stamp of the company;

– Power of attorney for the person designated to take over the car and sign the contract.

b) for the individual:

– category B driving license

– identity card (BI / CI or passport).

If there is an additional driver, he must present an identity card / passport and a driving license; also, the additional driver must be present at the time of taking over the car.

6. Handing over / taking over the car / use abroad

The car is delivered / picked up with the fuel tank full, clean inside and out.

Simfonia Hotel provides a full tank at the beginning of the rental period, so you don’t have to worry about finding the nearest gas station when you return the vehicle, without the risk of losing your plane or train.

Upon return the customer must fill the tank before, otherwise the missing fuel will be charged. As long as he does not fill the tank himself, the customer recognizes the calculation methods used by the company to determine the amount of fuel consumed. The fuel consumed during the rental period is borne by the customer. The handing over / taking over of the car is done based on a report.

Delivery and collection requests must be sent at least 24 hours in advance. Cars can be delivered during Hotel Simfonia’s opening hours.

Identity details (passport, driver’s license) and other details required for the rental agreement must be provided at the time of booking.

For the collection of the car from other cities than the one where the Hotel Simfonia is located, a fee of 0.50 EURO / km will be charged (minimum 25.00 EURO + VAT).

For the use of the vehicle outside the Romanian borders, a fee of 40 EURO / rent is charged.

All fines resulting from any violation of the laws on the territory of Romania during the rental period are borne exclusively by the customer.

7. Rental rates

Rates include at least car maintenance, radio and liability insurance.

Prices do not include fuel.

The minimum charging period is 24 hours. The interval of 29 minutes over the 24 hours is not charged. If the car will be delivered more than 29 minutes later than the time taken from the rental contract, an additional day will be charged.

For monthly or long-term rentals, additional information is available upon request.

The prices are expressed in EURO, payable in RON at the BNR exchange rate on the day of invoicing and contain VAT. Payment can be made in cash, card or PO at the beginning of the rental. If a driver is wanted at the time of renting the car, a fee of 30 EURO / day is charged.

8. Additional fees

The following fees may apply:

– key or documents of the lost car: 100.00 EURO, per object.

– absence of a police report, in case of theft: 250.00 EURO

– excessive dirt in the vehicle or stained upholstery: 40.00 EURO

If an employee of Hotel Simfonia will travel to the client for reasons caused by loss of keys, destroyed tires, broken glass or other similar reasons, a fee of 0.35 EUR + VAT / km will be applied to the client’s place.

9. Additional facilities

When booking the vehicle, please inform us about the additional equipment you want. We can provide you with the following features, for an additional fee:

– child seat: 6 euro / day;

– Mobile GPS: 7 EURO / day, with a maximum fee of 60EURO / rental;

– snow chains can be rented, for a fee of 5.00 EURO / day;

– additional driver for a fee of 30 EURO / day.

Winter equipment

Between November 1 and March 31, all our cars will be equipped with winter tires. A fee of 2.00 EURO per day will be charged, the maximum fee being 30.00 EURO per rental.

10. Booking

An advance in the amount of 50% of the amount pre-calculated by the Symphony Hotel is requested for rent, cash or in the company’s bank account. The car is booked when the advance is collected.

The reservation can be changed 48 hours before the start of the reservation, for this a fee of 10EURO / change is charged.

The reservation can be canceled by the customer up to 24 hours after making the advance payment. The money is returned to the customer less the cancellation fee, the equivalent of 3 days rent.

Failure to comply or failure to present the client for personal reasons at the date and place agreed upon, leads to the loss of the rental advance, because the company registers unrealized profit.


The cars have all the taxes paid by our company, respectively: CASCO, RCA, ROVIGNETA.

The authorized client / driver is covered by civil liability in case of an accident. The authorized customer / driver may be liable before the law for damages that cannot be covered by the MTPL insurance. The customer is responsible for damaging or stealing the rented vehicle, up to a maximum amount.

You can check what insurance is included in the rental price, at the time of booking or when you arrive at the Hotel Simfonia. For details on surpluses and insurance, see the information below.

Protection against theft

If accepted, it offers protection in case of loss or damage to the rented vehicle through or as a result of theft or attempted theft. Theft protection is an optional service which, if accepted, relieves the customer from all financial responsibilities for the loss or damage of the vehicle by paying a fee of: 9.00 € / rental. They exclude any theft of personal items.

Please note that in the unfortunate event of an accident, the nearest police station must be notified and an accident report must be obtained.

Liability in case of accident

If accepted, it reduces, regardless of fault, the financial responsibility of the person renting the car, to the minimum amount required for the loss or damage of the vehicle and its spare parts or accessories, except for theft or vandalism.

Even if it has been accepted or not, the client is responsible for the full remedy of the damage, if it was caused by:

– driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;

– if the client did not stop after an accident and did not take the necessary measures, ie did not notify the police, did not find out the names and addresses of the parties and witnesses involved;

– use for illicit / illegal purposes, such as smuggling, theft, illegal transport of articles or goods, etc .;

– driving the overloaded car, violating the legal speed limit, in accordance with the vehicle’s driving license;

– driving the car by unauthorized persons, ie below the age limit, undeclared and not mentioned in the Rental Agreement;

– driving the vehicle outside public roads, in the mountains, etc .;

– use of the vehicle for any type of races or competitions, including as a pacemaker in races;

– non-compliance: the color of the traffic light, the STOP indicator, the speed limit, entering the opposite direction, driving in the opposite direction, on one-way roads;

– damage to the engine, wheels, tires and interior of the vehicle, under the car body.

The tenant’s liability for damage to the vehicle can be reduced, provided that the Romanian traffic laws are not violated, to € 600 by paying € 10 per day.

The conditions of protection against theft and liability in case of accident are applicable only if the report drawn up by the police and the report of finding the accident are presented. Otherwise, the customer will be responsible even if there are CDW and TP accepted for all damages caused to the rented vehicle. CDW and TP are valid only on the Romanian territory. The insurance for driving outside Romania is subject to special conditions and tariffs.

Without protection against theft and liability in case of accident, the customer has liability in the amount of up to 10,000.00 EURO.

Incident administration fee

In the event of an accident, due to the customer, he is obliged to pay Hotel Simfonia a non-refundable fee of € 30 to cover the administration costs.

12. GPS

The procedure will be made known when picking up the car.

The following no. for roadside assistance:

Skoda Road Assistant: 0250.730579 / 0372.738.689 (Mon-Fri: 8.30am – 6pm; S: 8.30am – 2pm)

Peugeot roadside assistance: 0250.702.030 / 0372.738.688 (L-V: 8.30 – 18.00; S: 8.30 – 14.00)

Tractors 24h / 7 days: 0726.709.565.

The company reserves the right to change prices depending on demand and supply. Exceptions are ongoing contracts.

The rates are expressed in EURO and can be paid in lei at the NBR exchange rate on the day of invoicing.

Leaving the Romanian territory implies doubling the rental tariff and the material guarantee.

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