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Lake Vidra – the perfect destination for a summer trip


Lake Vidra is a fairytale place worth visiting if you are in the Prahova Valley. Hotel Simfonia is a smart choice for travellers, offering a relaxed and hassle-free stay every time.

Lake Vidra is located on the Lotru River, in the Vidra Gorges, being an accumulation lake, anthropogenic formed in 1972. This Lake was born as a result of the construction of the Vidra Dam on the Lotru River. The Lake is a fairytale place where you reach a road that winds through the mountains. Lake Vidra is hidden among the deciduous and coniferous forests, a mysterious place, a refuge for tourists looking for a quiet location in nature. Summer is the ideal time to visit this place, especially if you like to spend your free time in nature. The panorama offered by the Lake is lovely and perfect for some successful pictures. So, if you are passing through the Prahova Valley, don’t forget to stop in this place to delight your eyes with a beautiful landscape.

About Lake Vidra

Lake Vidra is located at the highest altitude in Romania, being the largest Lake in the Lotru-Ciunget hydropower organization. The anthropic Lake opened in 1972 and has a volume of 340 million m³, with an area of ​​approximately 940 hectares and a length of 9 kilometres. Dense spruce forests hide the Lake.

There is also a dam of the same name, the only hydrographic construction in the area made of fine rock and concrete. The main Lake Vidra also collects other rivers through the respective supply system, secondary catchments, which comprise approximately 81 catchments in the other three branches. Lake Vidra arose as a result of the construction of the Vidra Dam.

According to locals, a gold mine in that area was kept secret, but the Nazis used it during World War II. When they learned that Germany had been defeated, the Nazis took the prisoners and all the underground documentation to detonate the area. Thus, no one could find out the cave’s exact location, as the stones from the explosion covered almost the entire region.

Lake Vidra supplies water to the Ciunget hydroelectric plant. The river Lotru and 81 other rivers and streams flow into the dam of Lake Vidra, grouped in 3 distinct branches:

  • – North Branch (gravitational and pumped);
  • – South Branch (gravitational and pumped);
  • – West Branch (gravitational).

Lake Vidra – a place that takes your breath away

Lake Vidra is a mysterious place that takes your breath away through the beauty of the landscape. The Lake takes you on a dream trip away from your daily problems.

Lake Vidra is considered a wild place because to get there; you have to enter a road that crosses the mountains to Lake and the resort of Vidra, Malaia, Obârșia Lotrului and surroundings. The landscape is a dream, and if you choose this alternative road to Prahova Valley, you will certainly not regret this decision. You will enjoy beautiful landscapes, detached from stories, which will help you relax and forget about worries and problems.

After visiting the Vidra reservoir, you can continue your journey on the Transalpina to Obârșia Lotrului, where other beautiful landscapes will enchant you.

Lake Vidra – take advantage of this fairytale place and venture on an unforgettable trip

 Lake Vidra offers you the chance to venture on a beautiful mountain road with a destination that will give you a dream view. Hotel Simfonia offers you dream accommodation, from where you can easily reach the main tourist attractions in the Prahova Valley area. Many day trips are available for you and your loved ones, and a holiday will be exactly what you are looking for this summer.

You can have your dream vacation in Romania right in Râmnicu Vâlcea, and the Simfonia hotel offers you the ideal accommodation, where you can spend a few relaxing days away from the crowds of big cities. You will be enchanted by the beautifully appointed rooms and dedicated staff here. The hotel also offers you the opportunity to enjoy the view over the city of Râmnicu Vâlcea and the Făgăraș mountains from the panoramic terrace. There you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by a wine that will leave you with a pleasant taste after each sip. Choose the Hotel Simfonia for a dream stay!

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