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Simfonia restaurant bar menu – novelties

Bauturi noi cocktails

The Simfonia Hotel’s restaurant has prepared some novelties for you regarding the bar menu. You will be able to enjoy a refreshing cocktail on a beautiful summer day, or you will be pampered with a glass of wine, enjoyed on the hotel terrace, from where you will admire the view of the Făgăraș mountains. The panoramic terrace is a plus for the Simfonia Hotel, with a view of Râmnicu Sărat. Also, our chefs will delight you with the most delicious dishes, created especially for all those who pass the threshold of our hotel. We will surprise you with the quality of the food and the rooms specially designed for a relaxing stay. We want our guests to have a dream stay, where they will have the opportunity to forget about problems at home and work. A holiday or a few days spent in the city of Râmnicu Vâlcea will help you to disconnect from worries, and you will be able to find peace in this small but welcoming city.

The Simfonia Hotel’s restaurant can accommodate many people, making it the ideal location for a business dinner or a meeting with friends. Private parties can also be organized with a limited number of people. Also, the elegant design of the two restaurants with the chairs with soft, extremely comfortable upholstery and the carefully decorated tables will delight your eyes! Locals and hotel guests prefer the fine cuisine and special atmosphere of the Simfonia Hotel’s restaurant. Below we will present you the news from the bar menu, which you can try at our restaurant. The full menu of the restaurant can be found here.

Bar menu – Berry Smash – Non-alcoholic

berry smash

Among the drinks on the menu at Simfonia Restaurant is Berry Smash, an incredibly delicious non-alcoholic beverage. This soft drink is made from agave syrup, cranberry juice, lemon juice, apple juice, and raspberry puree – a delightful combination preferred by both adults and children. Agave syrup is ideal for sweetening drinks, with a low glycemic index, many vitamins and minerals, and high fructose content.

We use this syrup to substitute refined sugar, and vegans can also consume it. Cranberry juice is a powerful antioxidant, contributing to the regeneration of mucous membranes throughout the body. Lemon juice also helps regulate the body’s pH, supports the immune system, cleanses the digestive system, and has an antibacterial effect. So, Berry-Smash is a delicious drink and a very healthy one, with many beneficial properties for the body.

Drinks menu – Forbidden Berries

forbidden berries

Another star on the bar menu is Forbidden Berries, an incredibly delicious alcoholic cocktail. The drink contains Bacardi, ginger beer, lemon juice, raspberry puree, and strawberry puree. Bacardi is a classic rum, with distinct notes of vanilla and almonds and a taste full of aromas that you enjoy every sip. Ginger beer adds flavor and is refreshing and invigorating. This drink has various benefits for the body, such as protection of the stomach, elimination of morning sickness, reduction of inflammation and rheumatism, in the case of those who have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Forbidden Berries is a satisfying drink, both in taste and beneficial properties on the body.

Bar menu – New York Sour

new york sour

A novelty on the bar menu at the Simfonia Hotel’s restaurant is the New York Sour. It is a classic drink, first made in the early 1880s, made from Marker’s Mark-Bourbon Whiskey, Angostura bitter, orange syrup, and lemon juice. It belongs to the family of sour drinks, which leaves you with a pungent taste on the tongue, but still pleasant.

Bar menu – Negroni


In the drinks menu of the Simfonia restaurant, we also introduced the Negroni drink, a classic cocktail that you can enjoy before dinner. It is a sophisticated aperitif, consisting of red Campari, red Martini, and Beefeater gin, in equal quantities. Although it can be enjoyed all year round, the bitter taste of Negroni is especially suitable in the spring evenings.

Bar menu – Muscow Mule

moscow mule

The latest addition to the Symphony’s drinks menu is the Muscow Mule. This drink contains Finnish vodka, Angostura Bitters, ginger beer, lime juice, sugar syrup, and lots of ice. The beverage is served in a copper cup, which takes over the cold temperature of the liquid.

Hotel Simfonia is waiting for you to taste all the newly introduced drinks and enjoy the culinary novelties of the restaurant. To see the full menu of drinks you can enter here.

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