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Visit Lotru Valley for a fairytale landscape!

Lotru Valley

Lotru Valley is a place of stories, with many tourist attractions worth visiting by those who venture to these lands. This area represents one of Romania’s most spectacular tourist areas, a mixture of beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, traditions and trails accessible to tourists.

Ramnicu Vâlcea has many unique places that are worth visiting if you are in the area. Hotel Simfonia offers you the ideal accommodation, where you will feel exceptional. Our staff will be at your disposal with everything and try to make your stay relaxing. Everyone deserves a vacation now and then, and a little getaway in a picturesque landscape is just what you need to escape the stress of work and the crowds of big cities.

Lotru Valley – explore a land rich in tourist objects

Lotru Valley is located in Vâlcea county. The Lotru River is a tributary of the Olt River and has its sources in the heart of the Parâng Mountains between the Jiu and Olt rivers

The Lotru collects its springs from the peaks of Iezer, Mohor and Sebe, in the clear and cold lakes (Lacul Iezer and Calcescu, Vidra and Lotru) and then heading to the valley, among stone blocks, creating waterfalls (bubbles) that want (Cascada Dracilor from under the coast of Pietra). After passing the foothills of the fir forest, the river reaches the Cărbunelui meadow and the Ștefanu Bridge, then the old floating dam from Mirăuțul and joins the Cibanu stream. As tributaries, it receives Mirăuțului Streams, Luncii cu Funii and Tunarilor streams (coming from the Lotrului Mountains).

On the Lotru Valley is the town of Voineasa, and a little below it Lotru joins its tributary Latorita and together flows into the Olt. On its way, the Lotru river creates actual “cataracts” (bulbs in which graylings and other fish live) next to the Hoteagu, Balindru and Dobrunu massifs. The whole landscape is a dream, and the river route is spectacular.

The Vidra lake was formed behind the Vidra dam on Lotru and included the waters of the Vineșita stream, which previously created the Jidoaia lake. The streams from the Căpăţânii and Parângului Mountains, as well as the Galbenu stream, a tributary of the Gilort, and the Lătrioara, gathered in the Lotru river. Also, the fast waters of the Jiet flow into Lotru.

Along the route on the Lotru Valley, you can also see the Lotrru-Ciunget Hydroelectric Plant, which supplies water from the Vidra lake underground to produce electricity. In Lotru Valley, you have the opportunity to do some tourist routes that lead to incredible landscapes. Of course, by car, you can see several tourist attractions, including the Wooden Church, built in 1861, Milk Cave, Polovragi Cave, Galbenu Lake, Lake Iezer, and Lake Petrimanu, Polovragi Monastery and many others. Most of the tourist sights are natural sights. The most spectacular natural sites are Melcii Doabrei (Doabrei shells), some lifts in the form of some nipples, which were born as a result of the erosion of sedimentary pomegranate layers. Also you can see the Moara Dracilor waterfalls, the Scorușu Waterfall, the glacial lakes Gâlcescu, Vidal, Pencu, Păsări, Zănoaga, Iezeul, Violeta, Iezerul Latoritai and Muntinu.

The historical sights are the church in Brezoi (1789), the church in Ciunget (1861), and the Monument to the Heroes of Brezoi (1924). Also, in the Lotru Valley, tourists can venture on two of the most spectacular mountain roads in Romania, namely the Transalpina and the Strategic Road.

In 1979, another lake was born in the valley of Lotru, Lake Balindru (at an altitude of 1030 m, surface area of 6 ha, depth of 27 m).

The main entrance to Valea Lotrului is through National Road 7A, which connects Brezoi and Petroșani.

Lotru Valley – explore the lands of Romania

Lotru Valley is among the most spectacular tourist routes you can travel on foot, by car or by bike. You will have the opportunity to cross this area rich in tourist attractions and relax in the Simfonia hotel. Also, if you are passionate, you can go trout fishing in the rivers Lotru, Latorita, and Voinesita or in the surrounding lakes: Brădișor, Petrimanu, and Vidra.

You can have your dream vacation in Romania right in Râmnicu Vâlcea, and the Simfonia hotel offers you the ideal accommodation, where you can spend a few days relaxing, far from the crowds of big cities. You will be charmed by the beautifully appointed rooms and dedicated staff here. The hotel also offers you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the town of Râmnicu Vâlcea and the Făgăraș mountains from the panoramic terrace. There you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by a wine that will leave you with a pleasant aftertaste after every sip. Choose Hotel Simfonia for a dream stay!

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