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Why do you need to visit Transalpina -tourist attractions on the King’s Road

Transalpina is the highest road in Romania, being located at an altitude of 2145 m, which makes it the most visited tourist attraction by Romanians and foreign tourists. From our article, you will find out why to visit Transalpina – tourist attractions on the King’s Road!

It stretches from Novaci locality, Gorj county, crosses Rânca and continues towards Saliște locality, from Sibiu county, and the highest altitude reaches it over a distance of approximately 20 km in Vâlcea county, where it has the characteristic of “ridge road”. Moreover, there are many guesthouses and restaurants where you can find affordable Transalpina accommodation and traditional dishes served with pleasure. Hotel Simfonia, located in Râmnicu-Vâlcea is the ideal location to stay if you want to be close to Transalpina.

The Transalpine was rebuilt in the interwar period and put into use in 1935 when it was inaugurated by King Charles II, which is why it is also called the King’s Road. Today, the road is almost completely modernized and is accessible to all vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tons.

Tourist attractions found on the Transalpina

While driving on the road you can see Păpușa Peak (2,136 m), Dengheru Peak (2,084 m), Petrimanu Lake, Urda Peak (2,228 m), Micaia Peak (2,170 m), Muntinu Peak (2,062 m), Muntinu Lakes, Lotru River, Gâlcescu Lake (following the routes starting from Obârșia Lotrului or from the Mohoru Mountain area), Obârșia Lotrului Monastery, Vidra Lake, Oașa Monastery, Oașa Lake, Tău Lake, or you can visit Rânca and Voineasa Resorts. Following the route from Valea Frumoasei, from Transalpina you can reach Păltiniș Resort and Rășinari locality from Sibiu county.

Muierii Caveis one of the most famous and visited caves in Romania, being one of the main tourist attractions on the Transalpina.

Polovragi Cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions visited by those crossing the Transalpina. It is located in the Căpățânii Mountains, on the bank of the Olteț, at an altitude of 670 m.

Cheile Olteţului are part of a nature reserve in Gorj County and they have to show extraordinary landscapes, with waterfalls, bare rocks, caves dug in the top of the mountain, and meadows surrounded by various varieties of trees, from deciduous to coniferous.

Transalpina program – When the Transalpine road traffic opens

The access schedule on Transalpina may vary each year depending on the weather conditions. In the highest area, between Râncă and Obârșia Lotrului, the snow usually persists from November to May-June. Depending on the first snow and the melting period of the snow, the traffic opens at different times of the year.

In most cases, however, traffic on the Transalpina is open only between July 1 and October 31, every year. The route is closed from 1 November until 30 June.

The route is dangerous, especially at night, due to the curves, which require extra attention. Therefore, between 22:00 and 6:00 the traffic is closed.

If you love extreme sports, winter is the perfect time to stay at our hotel located near the resort. Spend memorable moments on the Transalpina Ski Resort, consisting of seven slopes accessible by gondola, chairlift and ski lifts.

Hotel Simfonia located in Râmnicu-Vâlcea is the ideal accommodation when traveling in the Vâlcea area, being a pleasant, welcoming place where the harmonious combination of luxury, comfort and elegance will delight the hearts of those it hosts.

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